FIFA PACKS PlayStation 4 and XBOX ONE

Fifaah provides a fun and rewarding environment where you can collect your favorite FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Players. You can then try them out in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team by using one of our easy withdrawal options, giving you the Coins you need to purchase player cards.

In Fifaah FIFA Packs Opening Simulator:

1. We can earn free fifa 18 coins through PS4 Pack or XB1 Pack. To open different FIFA 18 Packs PS4/XB1 with Fifaah Credits in FIFA Pack Simulator, get packing Messi or Ronaldo!

2. As well as we can earn free Cash Code through Bonus Pack,TOP 20 Pack Opener win 4.99USD Free Cash Code everyday, enjoy max 50% discount.


FIFAAH FIFA 18 pack contents are completely random and offer excellent chances to pack Informs Card, POTM Card, MOTM Card, Heros, Legends and TOTY Players. Through our easy withdrawal options, you can receive fifa coins to purchase these players in ultimate team.

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Possible account termination when using illegally obtained gold.
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